Facebook Killed the Blind Date

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Has the age of technology and Facebook killed the thrill of dating?

My Singles Warehouse blog post (http://www.singleswarehouse.co.uk/2012/07/adding-her-as-a-facebook-friend/) about when to add your date to Facebook gathered quite a stir. A lot of comments, many of which I realized came from a difference in culture and many came from people simply not keeping up with the times.

Today the vast majority of people have a Facebook account. You cannot hide from it, from the very young to the very old. Even my friend’s dog has a Facebook account. She is gorgeous, the dog I mean. People take pictures of events and post to Facebook and direct everyone to the Facebook pages. Even my office has started telling people that from now on all photos will be on FB. The US recently announced that people will be able to vote via FB.

In today’s age, you get the phone number of a prospective date and you call her up.

Me: “Hey Wilma, my name is Lawrence. I got your name from Fred.”
She: “Hey Lawrence, how are you? How do you spell that?” I want to answer T-H-A-T, but I was still interested in the date. I realized she was asking about my name. So I said, with a “W”.
She: “Cool. What do you do for a living?” Wait a minute she is taking charge of the conversation? Hedging the issue and chatting about something else, she then asks what my surname is.

I have nothing to hide, but it is a question I am not asked often and so I asked her politely why she needs it.
“So that I can thank Fred for sending me the right Lawrence.” That was a cute way of doing it, so I gave it to her. We chatted and laughed and then she said, “I love your photos of Venice.”
She was looking at my Facebook profile while we were chatting. Is that naughty? Don’t tell anyone, but I had looked at her Facebook page before I decided to call on her. I did not want a blind date. Facebook killed the blind date option. Vive le Facebook, morte le blind date.

We made arrangements to meet and I disconnected and looked at my phone, Wilma Flintstone had sent me a friend request.

After one date with Wilma, I decided she was not for me. No problem. Unfriend!

Facebook stalking is here and it is here to stay, so we need to keep up with it and use it as best we can. Thank goodness Facebook killed the blind date.

Get out and date, my friends!


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