Hate It When Guys Don't Text Or Call You Back?


Want to know the one way to get a guy to call you back ASAP?

Guy’s that don’t call back really are a pain in the bum right? The video above by Singles Warehouse Vlogger The Man Manipulator might be a bit of fun but actually women spend a lot of time waiting around for guys to return their calls. Why is this?


Most of the time people who are working hard at their jobs don’t have time to pick up the phone and speak during the day. Some work places have rules on this. Don’t panic if you’ve not heard straight away – everyone has to work.

With Others

There are times that it is rude to pick up the phone, like dinner with friends. Just remember that when you are out with your friends it won’t always be possibly to pick up the phone either.

Contact should be two way and you might just be used to a different level of contact than your partner or date is used to giving. Eventually as time goes on you will settle into a routine and won’t feel ignored if someone does not text or call you back straight away.

Getting to this point can be hard. Stick with it.

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