Does A Potential Partner's Profession Matter?

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When online dating, do you obsess over the potential partner's profession? Why?

In an ideal world, we’d all have a job we loved. The alarm would go off at 7am and we’d jump out of bed, keen to get to work and get on with the day. We’d proudly tell strangers what we do and relish the extra-curricular networking, dinners or tasks required to grow in our careers. But in reality, very few of us can admit we’ve hit the jackpot when it comes to the day job.

Most of us admit that it’s just a way to make a living. Sure, there’s a few things that we enjoy – the odd moment of creativity, or even just your workmates.

So why do we place so much importance on profession in finding a potential partner with online dating? If we’re all prepared to admit that our job doesn’t really define us in any way and that we much prefer the time spent out the office, then why do we then judge others for how they earn their dollar?

We were mulling this over here at PMP the other day, and decided it came down to security and lifestyle.

Security and Lifestyle

So, you’re reading an online dating profile and the guy says he’s a doctor. Your thoughts? Probably that he’s well set financially, with great career stability but probably works tricky hours. Would you hit ‘message’?

How about the girl that says she works in customer service in retail. Do you write her off as less career driven, or maybe not as educated? You’ll probably imagine she works weekends.

Finally, how about the person who says they own their own business. Do you admire their tenacity and drive in getting something off the ground, or worry about them having the free time to fit a partner in amongst all that paperwork?

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