Do Long Distance Relationships Work?


Looking at what makes a long distance relationship work.

Whenever I ask if long distance relationships work, the naysayers sound off  serious “no’s,” shake their heads and roll their eyes.  But personally, I have seen amazingly long distance relationships, from Sydney to LA, Toronto to LA and LA to PA flourish and result in marriages for all three couples.

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The dating expert in me couldn’t help but analyze what made those super long distance relationships work.  After some serious consideration, I realize my friends’ success in love comes down to these things:

They’re Confident People.

We all know how sexy confidence is.  But beyond the sexy factor, confident people succeed because it doesn’t occur to them to that they might fail.  So when Kelly and George fell in love during Kelly’s visit to LA, it didn’t occur to them that their love wouldn’t be able to span the globe.  They just moved forward with the relationship.

They Have Their Own Lives.

One of the reasons Jenny and Frank were able to manage their distance from Pennsylvania to LA was because they both had very full lives.  Because they’re both entrepreneurs and  philanthropists, they didn’t have a lot of time to wallow in sadness over each other’s absence.  Instead they worked hard at their individual goals and cheered on each other’s successes.

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