Diminish Online Dating Desperation


When dating online, any trace smells of desperation can kill your chances at love.

How is online dating like being a senior in college?

I recently visited my favorite undergrad professor when I took a trip to my alma mater. Seeing him and chatting with him in his messy, book-strewn office instantly transported me back to when I was a senior in college asking his sage advice about job-hunting.
“Well,” he said with a wry smile. “Desperation has an odor. A very foul and pungent odor. Don’t bring that stink around when you interview, and you’ll do just fine.”

Anyone who’s spent time on dating sites knows the distinctive smell of desperation. You may not always recognize it in your own interactions (which is why I’m here, ready to help you), but you’ve sure as heck observed it in others.

You’ve seen it in the sad man whose profile began with a badly rhymed verse about his empty garden of love.

You’ve seen it in the first-date who’d already had a few too many by the time you arrived at the bar—and who dissolved into sobs as he narrated his divorce saga.

You’ve witnessed it in the men who sent you three rapid-fire “???” text messages when you did not interrupt a meeting at work to respond immediately to his banal “What’s up?”

Desperation is indeed the overpowering, sweaty-foot-scented limburger of dating.

Do yourself a huge favor—and don’t bring that stink into dating with you.

What does that mean in practical terms?

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