Defining sugar dating….as only a sugar baby could

Defining sugar dating….as only a sugar baby could

In the "real world" most people have a traditional sense of what dating should be.  Boy meets girl. They date, fall in love, get married and have babies. The end.  What if after a few years or a decade the husband decides that his life could use a little boost? He doesn’t wish to disturb his family life or hurt them, but he wants to feel desirable, appreciated and useful. He happens to have money. He joins a dating site or posts an ad looking for a sugar baby. They meet, she likes him, he likes her and they decide to see each other on a regular basis.  They both know that this relationship will not be traditional, from the beginning.  There is no jealousy or strings attached, because they both know there is no future. It is just fun.  All of the good parts and forget the bad.  That is what a sugar daddy/sugar baby relationship is.  As I define it specifically on my blog The Sugar Daddy Diaries:

A sugar relationship defined: Two people seeking each other out for a relationship that is well-defined by an arrangement that meets each other’s needs. It is an emotionally caring, mutually respectful and rewarding relationship; a relationship that may or may not involve physical intimacy, but should have chemistry and emotional intimacy at the forefront. A financial need or desire although part of the arrangement, should not be the majority factor. Starting to sound not so unlike like a traditional relationship, huh?  To some degree, it is. Minus the perils and commitment that usually define traditional relationships, and their boundaries.

Defining Sugar Dating

The reason why Sugar Relationships work so well in so many ways that traditional relationships don't, is the very upfront definition and honesty they begin with.  By nature, they are set up to be more successful andSugar Daddy Dating rewarding than a traditional relationship. The main ingredients are surprisingly almost identical to a traditional relationship. Trust, companionship, real affection, genuine care and concern; even honesty and commitment.

Ultimately, it is an arrangement. This is not a happily ever after situation.  I have found it to be some of the most truly engaging relationship experiences that I have ever had, despite their non-promise of “going anywhere”.  There is an amazing freedom to be yourself, develop a bond and really grow as a person in a sugar relationship. If you are in it for more than just red bottom shoes and high-end handbags, you will walk away with great business advice, a life-long friend and maybe even a mentor.

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