Dating a Virgin

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Does the idea of dating a virgin make you nervous? Here's why it shouldn't.

Dating a virgin can be a good thing! Yes, I know what you are thinking, "who is a virgin these days?" Well, they do exist. Some are waiting for the right person and others adhere to celibacy for religious reasons. Either way, I think it is important to have respect for people who make harder decisions. A date with a virgin could be surprisingly refreshing and romantic.

Would Michael Douglas' life be different if he dated a virgin?

Dating A Virgin Can Be Sexy!

Someone who is a virgin tends to focus on the person and really getting to know them. Just because someone does not sleep with you does not mean they do NOT want to sleep with you. So, they have to find other ways to make the relationship as full as it can be … without sex. The upside is that they take the time to talk to you and understand what makes you tick.

Dating A Virgin Forces You To Think Outside The Box

A date without sex can be as romantic and fulfilling as a date with sex. When the physical component of a relationship is not rushed, then you have the time to build the relationship, respect and trust – all necessary components of a great relationship that will last.

Romance heightens the senses. Finding ways to express your attraction and desire can force you and your virgin amour to think outside the box. This is a good thing. If the relationship does get sexual or you get married, you know the person is capable of keeping the love and romance alive.

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