Dating a Single Parent


Helping you to decide whether you are able to date a single parent or not.

So, you fell for someone who has a child or two. Now what? First, let me congratulate you. Dating a single parent isn’t easy. You have to be patient with the time that he or she spends with their children. You have to understand how deep the bond between parent and child is; that little person in their life is the ONLY human being that they’d literally sacrifice their own life for. You will be the one who’s needs come after the kids have been tended to.

Being a single parent did not stop Brad and Angelina!

These are hard things for many childless singles to handle. Many years ago, a man I was deeply involved with broke it off with me because he was, in his words, “too selfish” to date me and needed more attention than I was capable of giving him. It took him a year and a half to figure this out! I’m fine with someone not wanting to deal with the logistics of dating a single parent but for God’s sake, figure it out early in the game. Better yet, don’t start seeing them AT ALL.

Dating A Single Parent Can Be Challenging

You however, ARE dating a single Mom (or Dad) and I will assume that you like or maybe even love them enough to be willing to work out the details of how to develop a relationship with them. If things go well and it becomes serious you’ll also be planning the occasional “family” date. Much easier if you like Disney movies and arcade games! That may come later but first, you’ll want to plan dates that allow you alone time with your date AND that let your honey know you understand the challenges of being a single parent and the need to be able to step AWAY from that once in a while.

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