Dating Safety in the 21st Century


Let’s face it, the taboo surrounding online dating has changed a lot in the last few years. It’s no longer considered weird to meet singles or find ‘the one’ online. In fact most people searching for love now use some form of online tool to aid that search. Isn’t technology great?

With the explosion of dating sites and dating applications for your phone it’s so easy to decide you want to go on a date tonight and make it happen. With the speed of such things it’s important to make sure you stay safe whilst on that first date and a company in the UK has designed a fantastic iPhone app that can help you do that. is a dating safety app. You’ll see plenty of advice online about staying safe when on a date but some people simply don’t want to tell a friend or family member that they are going on a date. This handy little app takes away that problem. You can download the App here. If you are dating this is a must. It’s been so popular that it’s even been featured on Mashable.

So how does it work? Well it’s simple really. 

You choose your first responders – the people you want to contact if you find yourself in trouble.

Set an alarm when you jump in the taxi before the date

Check in when you are safe!

If the timer runs out your first responders are alerted that you might need some assistance. It’s so clever that even if your phone is damaged, switched off or has no cell coverage it will still work. Your responders will even be shown a map of where you were last at.

This really is personal security in your pocket. To check out more about the company you can visit’s website. Dating's fun, lets keep it safe also.