Dating Purgatory

Thoughts for those who are not dating exclusively but technically not single.

Its dawned on me that there’s a special place reserved  in dating hell for those of us not in a relationship but not single. This place is called dating purgatory.

Do we want Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth to break up because they're stuck in dating purgatory?

The Space In Between: Dating Purgatory

I’ve spent the last month on a dating detox. I started out so optimistic too, read for yourself. In the midst of forsaking all things dating oriented I went on a break. Yes, from a man who I’m not dating. I’ve affectionately referred to him as Big Fun. In the beginning it was fun. Then I decided to nix that and call him Big Disappointment. It went from fun to disappointing. I’ve decided to drop any word after Big from here on out a la’ Sex & the City and go with Big. Why didn’t I think of this sooner? Well because true inspiration happens when and how it happens. You can’t rush it.

We know how the Carrie/Big story goes & how it ends. This however is not that story. Dating outside of the confines of hundreds of pages of a beloved scripted drama goes a little differently. I do think the odds are in our favor to find love however I don’t think it’s with the men we have to put in a headlock to make it happen with.

    Close your eyes and picture, putting the object of your affection in a headlock to get him to feel what you feel. This has basically been my approach.

Needless to say finding myself yet again, all comfy in dating purgatory, isn’t exactly new territory.

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