Dating a Geek


Why is dating a geek better than a regular guy?


What is it that women find attractive about dating a geek. Is it their knowledge of things that are slightly unknown or is it the nervous look they get when you take them out and about in social surroundings they are not comfortable in? It’s fair to say that dating geek’s has become cool in the last few years. So why has this changed? What brought this group of people into the dating desires of many? Here’s some of the reasons geeks are the most dateable guys and gals around.

A Geek Appreciates the Relationship

More often than not a geek appreciates the person they are with. They have not dated dozens of people before and have more energy when dating. They really see the importance of having someone special in their life.


You won’t be bored on your date. Geeks bring with them a wealth of knowledge on a wide range of subjects giving you something to always talk about. Sure you might not always get it the first time round when they bring up the chemical codes for the rocket fuel they are developing but it’s going to be a fun date.

Geeks Don’t Cheat

OK that’s not 100% true. However geeks are considerably less likely to cheat. That’s better than the average guy right?

Successful Geeks

Geeks are successful at what they do professionally. They normally excel at something they have a passion for meaning that they are sought after in their fields.

They Don’t Play Games

OK again strictly this is not true but their version of a game is Star Trek Online. That’s OK because you probably found them on Star Trek Dating anyway. Geeks not only don’t play games, they don’t understand them making them the perfect boyfriends.

Technical Support

OK so the days of getting a guy to put up your shelves are long gone. But the geeks can help you set up your iPad, your home cinema system or any other technical gadget you might have. They’ll even go shopping with you to make sure you get the best one.

Remember Geek’s Rule. It is after all the age of the geek.