Dating on the Down Low?


Secret love affairs are the stuff of fairy tales aren’t they? Well, perhaps.  They are exciting.  You and this person have your own little secret.  Hiding from others.  Adrenaline pumping.  The two of you are in your own world.  No one else is allowed.  No one else can know. It’s dating on the down low.

Wait a minute? Why are you dating on the down low anyway?

These relationships typically start off as wild love affairs that turn to something more.  You aren’t sure how to break it to the world or how they would react.  Usually, obviously, you engage in dating on the down low because you don’t want people to know you are with this person.  The real question is why are you hiding?  Is it because other people knowing would cause at worst a scandal or at least some funny looks? Would people judge or disapprove? Or, is it because you just aren’t ready to share your bliss with others?  Is this liaison an affair with one or both of you cheating on another partner?  ”Why” is definitely the first question you need to ask yourself.

Dating on the down low is hard work! You have to keep up appearances, lie, remember those lies and hide.  You always have to be on guard.  You most likely can’t share your good and bad times with friends or family.   While the thrill of maybe getting caught is fun at first, it could seriously weigh on you and things won’t be coming up roses forever.  These types of relationships contribute to a lot of added stress.  So is it worth it? Sometimes, yes.  But, you have to ask yourself where is this relationship going?

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