Dating Deal Breakers


Turn-offs can be just as important as turn-ons when dating

Dating Deal Breakers.

What a topic!  We’ve all got them, haven’t we? I know I sure do!

In researching this post I thought a lot about what sorts of things that are stop signs for me in dating. I certainly know what I define as settling or not, I spoke about this a while back in another post.  So, essentially, I am looking for the right person, not just any person.  I’m not picky, just know what I want and won’t settle for anything less than what I want, and deserve.  I settled before and ended up divorced.  Not going to do that again.


Breaking Down The Deal Breakers

I wanted to see what other people had to say their deal breakers were and I came across this article on Ask Men about men’s top 10 deal breakers and loved their list, here it is:


  • Doesn’t Back You Up
  • Flirts With Others
  • Neglects You Publicly
  • Lies
  • Criticizes You
  • Disappears Without Telling You
  • Abuses You
  • Scolds You Publicly
  • Has A Substance Abuse Problem
  • Cheats

What Are My Dating Deal Breakers?

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