Could Online Stalking Be Bad For Your Dating Life?

You just met a potential love interest, what is the first thing you do?  Tell your friends?  Plan your first date/anniversary/wedding?  No.  You do what millions of single people are doing on a regular basis… you search the internet for any shred of personal information about your new date!  Although this is fun, and can essentially put your mind at ease; is it actually damaging your dating life?

The Thrill of the ChaseCould Online Stalking Be Bad For Your Dating Life

Everybody likes the “hunt of dating”--the excitement of getting to know someone new, seeing if you are match or if they need to be tossed back for someone else to nab (better them than you, right?)   Before the Internet, men and women had limited resources if they wanted to get info on potential dates.  Back in the day, people had to go by word of mouth or see if one of their friends knew someone who knew someone who knew someone!  Today, singles Google search and “Facebook stalk” for every possible shred of information they can find about their potential love interest.  Sure, “pre-dating” as the professionals call it, is easy; but can it do more harm than good?

Don’t Extinguish the Spark

When you meet someone you are attracted to for the first time, sparks fly, butterflies swirl in your stomach, and a rush of heat takes over your body.  In the heat of attraction, you’re more willing to date someone who doesn’t exactly match all your criteria (like a six pack or a hipster beard…). However, in time, they may turn out to be your ideal partner.  In-person interactions allow you to take into account your date’s voice, body language, and facial expressions, physical chemistry and attraction.  These are things you definitely don’t get to experience while stalking them online.

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