Condom Carrying Women: Keen Intelligence or Notoriously Slutty?


Do you think carrying a condom is intelligent or slutty?

Condom Carrying Women

As I’ve gotten older, I tend to care less what other people think of me. This isn’t to say that I’m a self serving, greedy wench however; I no longer allow the fear of others' opinions to influence better judgment. When I jumped back into the dating scene after a nearly 15 year hiatus; I was blessed with ignorance. Sporting new shoes and dress, I loaded-up my new handbag with dating essentials:

  • Lipstick-check
  • Powder-check
  • Keys-check
  • Wallet with cash, ID-check
  • Condoms-check

Even if I had no intention of getting laid, I wasn’t about to allow the lack of a condom deny me the opportunity should it become an option. Not a full 10 pack, mind you, but a couple discretely tucked in my wallet. I just assumed that this is what every responsible, sexually active adult did. Well, it is apparently…if you’re a man. It wasn’t until I traded in my online dating profile for a relationship when I realized that a chick carrying a condom is thought to be "notorious." Unbelievable that in 2012, a woman choosing to take control of her health can be considered a bad slut (for the record, I'm a good one).

But apparently a condom carrying lady is an issue for some men. I doubt these same men would complain when faced with the chance to get laid. Sir Richard’s were a basic part of my dating kit because one never knows when the prospect of nooky might come-up. Does that make me a ho? To some, maybe, but it's fascinating that some men take issue, not with the fact I’ll grant them access to my inner sanctum, but that I had the balls to assume sex was a BYOC bash. I wasn’t aware that my only option was to pop a birth control pill and assume the man would handle the rest.

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