R.I.P: Chivalry May Be Officially Dead


Are men being raised wrong...or do they just not care as much?

For some reason I think men have forgotten their manners or they just weren’t taught them, but opening a door for a woman should be mandatory. It isn’t that hard to open a door when you see a women with groceries or even just her hand bag!

Are we teaching the men of this generation right?

I know it is more common now that a woman makes more money than a man. And some men opt to stay home with the kids while their wife works, but that should not take away the need for chivalry and just general manners. I cannot remember the last time a man opened a door for me or a car door. Why is this so much to ask? It should be a “given” in my book. I still hear the stories of men taking their mates on to exclusive holidays unannounced so I know the chivalrous man is not a dying breed out there. Or is it?


Is it dead where I live in the United States? Or is it just because women are upping men on the pay scale and in general so they feel they have to take this away because they feel less of a man? I have not figured it out yet. Older men I date do what they are supposed to but not those in their twenties.

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