Body Hair and Dating


Do body hair and single life mix?

How hairy are you?

I was going to write about how dating has now changed into a “let’s hop into bed now” thing then came across this article ( about body hair.

Now, I don’t know what the next woman does, or doesn’t do to her body hair but 90% of respondents saying that ANY body hair on a female is unattractive… WHAT?!?! Should I shave my eyebrows now and draw them on with a pencil. Shave my head and rock the bald look?

Yes, I am single so my body is far hairier then if I was in a relationship. Until a few days ago I had armpit hair, leg hair and a full on bush. Not that you need to know that but the other day, during a date, things were getting heavy and I thought “Shit, I’ve only shaved half a leg” so it all ended abruptly. My clothes hung tightly to my body hair. Screaming “No! He can’t see this!”

[I got bored in the shower so only managed half a leg; but who cares I thought, it’ not like I’ll getany action any time soon! *rolling my eyes* What happened to ALWAYS being prepared?]

What would a guy think if he saw a full on bush with hairier than hairy legs? I wasn’t expecting to go back to his place hence the non-removal of body hair. [except from the the armpit area...]

Anyway, would you like your man to be completely hair free? No chest hair? Nothing? I like chest hair, it’s manly. Butch.

And it’s not as if these people are just waxing or shaving, they are getting it lasered off! They will remain hairless forever. What if your partner said he prefered when you have the ‘Hollywood’ so requested that you whip it all off? Someone asked me once and I more or less told him where to go, I don’t like that particular look . It’s my body – my hair!

Could/would you ever have laser treatment to remove your lady bits hair? I can understand maybe getting the bikini line settled but the whole shebang? Not too sure about that!

Now. I must go home and get hairless before my next date… so careless of me!

Until next time,

Bella x 


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