Avoiding the Texting Dating Trap

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Some tips on how to get out of the texting dating trap

Texting is awesome! It’s quick, convenient and it allows you to multi-task. It can also be a pain in the ass because it can allow us men to get lazy when it comes to building relationships.

What would have happened if Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie had met online?

It gives us instant gratification to know we can reach you anytime we feel like it and it opens the door for all sorts of mixed communication… as if decoding some of our bullshit wasn’t hard enough already.

This week a reader writes:

“I met this guy online and we ended up going on a few dates. It was cool and I thought we had some serious chemistry going on. Ever since our date, we spend most of our time texting. He never really calls and when he does, it’s only for a brief moment. He suggested we go on another date and I agreed. Through all the text messages… I am still waiting on that date. I don’t want to just dismiss him because the dates we did have, were really nice. On the other hand, I’m not going to wait around for him to step up. What should I do about this one?”

If you want an easy answer, here it goes: Move on and find a replacement! No seriously, if you find yourself in this position and you don’t want to be there… Don’t waste your time!

I hate to say it but chances are that this won’t be the last time you find yourself in this position and if you are truly not ready to let him go, there is a way for you to break through this “text-only” stage. So what do you do?
Flip The Script And Learn How To Play The Game!

Most men already do it, they just don’t acknowledge it so if you are one of those “Dating isn’t a game” type people, then you should go with the easy answer I provided above. But if you’re ready to acknowledge that dating does require a little of bit of strategy, then, listen up… It might change your love-life.

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