The ABC's Of Online Dating


Some advice on how to successfully date online.

Did you ever get the feeling that you were selling yourself like a piece of meat from your dating profile? It’s true. Online dating is all about you selling your time and attention in exchange for the same from someone you desire. Every good sales person knows the ABC’s of sales. Always Be Closing. The ABC’s of online dating are the same. So what does it mean to always be closing in the world of internet dating? Here's what we predict for Leo Di Caprio's future soulmate—your soulmate does not always match what you're looking for!

When I started my misadventures in online dating my goal was to get to the physical date. Now ask yourself, what are your intentions with internet dating? With all the distractions the web brings, you need a goal as well as something to keep you focused on your target. Cyber stalkers, catfish and con-artists thrive where there is no direction. The attitude, "I just take it as it comes," is an open invitation for distractions to take you for a bumpy ride. A mantra like: always be closing, helps keep your eyes on the prize and keeps you out of any unnecessary drama.

ABC’s Of Online Dating:
Don’t bother with pokes, winks, or flirts. I could (and probably will) write a whole separate post on this alone. If the goal is to close the deal on a night out with someone, skip beating around the bush with silly tricks. Introduce yourself to the person and state your business already! This should be the guy’s focus by the way. Women chasing after men just sends the wrong message and gets things all discombobulated.

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