9 reasons why if you date online you’re the same as a celeb


The top 9 reasons why if you date online you’re the same as a celeb

What is it with trends? Once one starts, you just can’t stop it!

Even in the celebrity world online dating appears to be winning the awards in the world of finding love. Will there be an online Oscars or a red carpet for romance announced soon as celebs are rapidly join the growing ranks of the ONLINE DATERS to find their ‘one’ on the web?

So Who’s Who in the celebrity internet dating scene? Here are 9 celebrity reasons for following the trend …

Thanks for Facebook: Before he landed Miranda Kerr, hunky Orlando Bloom is reported to have used a friend’s photo and a fake name on Facebook to check out the lovely ladies online.

Intro’s are magic: Kelleher International was supposedly the introduction agency/online dating agency Jennifer Anniston paid a six figure sum to for seeking out her perfect guy in 2010, although publicly Jen says she’d never trust the online world.

Millionaires report here: Charlie Sheen did, when he reportedly chatted online on Millionairematch.com whilst dealing with the death throes of his divorce from Denise Richards. A great pick-me-up there!

Apparently his online profile described him as ‘cute and adorable, though pained and lonely’ when Matthew Perry is claimed to have joined up on Richsoulmate.com to find his. Ahhh, we’d look after you Matt, wouldn’t we girls?

True blood sought true love when gorgeous star of ‘True Blood’ Deborah Ann Woll reportedly drew love blood online when she met her guy through Match.com in 2007.

Really? Yes, really. Even Joan Rivers has been online too, if the claims are true – another Match.com gal – you have been warned, guys!

Oh, but guys – this is better. Although the exact site has never been owned to, there are claims that Halle Berry personally admits to the fact that she ‘pops in online’ from time to time.

Checking in on the chat online is Gossip Girls very own Chace Crawford, when he browsed JDates’ adorables, even though he’s not Jewish himself – or so they say in all the gossip…

And last but very NOT least – our most recent celeb online dater Britney Spears, who only a few weeks ago was reported to be actively trawling online and occasionally flirting whilst getting over her recent split form Jason Trawick. A source is claimed to have told the National Enquirer that she was looking for her ‘Mr Right’ on both Millionairematch.com and Richsoulmate.com. Other sources have denied it, saying it was laughable – but then they would, wouldn’t they? The site would be flooded with would-be Mr Rights, Wights and any guy hoping to get in her sights. And where would all the other less-celeb dating stars go then? Maybe to other less status-orientated but equally romantically successful sites …? 

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