9 Downsides of Dating an Alpha Male

An Alpha Male, by definition, is the dominant man, the man who takes charge and won’t take no for an answer. There are lots of traits to be admired in such men: They go after what they want, are self-assured, decisive and tend to look damn good in a white T-shirt. However, there are unfortunately many downsides to dating an alpha male, and in this day and age of gender equality (supposedly), there are many women opting for the more trustworthy, sensitive beta male, and here’s just a few reasons why:

9 Downsides of Dating an Alpha Male

  1. The alpha male lacks perspective. Where does he get that self confidence of his that we were so attracted to initially? Being completely and utterly involved...with himself. It doesn’t take long to figure out when he claims that he can do no wrong, everything is your fault and that viewpoint of yours is simply not valid enough, I’m afraid.
  2. He is controlling. Dating an alpha male can be fun at first, always having someone else take charge. It’s sexy to be with a guy who know what he wants. On the other hand, it’s not sexy to be told what to do, never to have a say in things, and be constantly under his rule. This is the 21st century!
  3. He is untrustworthy. Studies have actually indicated that higher levels of testosterone in a man make him more prone to lying and cheating. All that desperation to be a man builds up into a need to ‘satisfy’ as many women as physically possible. Good for him, but it doesn’t exactly scream boyfriend material.
  4. He can’t emotionally express himself. Since when has sensitivity been seen as the manly thing? This guy will do everything and anything to prevent himself from appearing vulnerable, including hiding his true feelings from you.
  5. He is actually insecure. Most of the men who we would consider ‘alpha-males’ became overtly masculine, in terms of society’s definition, because they didn’t feel good enough in some way earlier in their lives. This insecurity can manifest itself in a variety of ways including jealousy and anger.
  6. He’s got a temper. One of the disadvantages of bottling up emotions includes sporadic bursts of fury, often set-off by the smallest of triggers. In dating an alpha male, you are essentially dating a ticking time-bomb of pent-up anger that’s ready to be unleashed on those closest to him.

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