6 Beauty Tricks To Remember Before a First Date

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Before I met my rather wonderful boyfriend, I was single for over a year and dated a lot. When I say a lot I mean it, so much so I lost count of just how many first dates, whoops. What can I say I just loved dating and I am just a little bit picky. Over the course of my experience dating I would like to say I perfected my beauty routine for first dates, so I think it is high time I shared my secrets with you lovely singletons.

Skin Care

If you have time, the night before a date is essential for prepping and priming. I'm not talking hours spent giving yourself a salon style facial but a simple at home facial is the perfect way to achieve healthy glowy skin. It boils down to three simple steps, a scrub, a mask and a cleanse and tone. A brightening mask is best for glowy skin, but use products that you know will suit your skin type.


Like skin, hair needs to be prepped, so again if you have time the night before use a treatment mask to achieve luscious locks. With hair styling the best tip I can give you is keep it natural and something you're used to. What I mean is don't go copying the latest catwalk hair craze. Men are simple creatures and anything out of the ordinary seems to scare them, so on the first date it's probably best to avoid any wacky hairups. I personally keep my hair the same, loose waves, which is how I always used to wear my hair on dates. At the very minimum just make sure it's washed, 3 day dry shampooed hair is probably not a winner.

A Healthy Glow

A healthy glow, in my opinion, can completely transform your face. The best ways to achieve it is firstly by using a primer that is designed to illuminate. Next use a dewy foundation, if you have an oily skin type this is not always necessary but just don't use too much of a heavy matte foundation. For any skin types use a bit of powder on your nose and t-zone to avoid a shiny nose. To finish the 'glow' off use a highlighter on the temples, top of the cheek below the eye, the bridge of the nose and on the chin.

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