5 Ways To Prep For Your Big Date


Tips for getting ready for your upcoming date

Can you believe it?! It’s almost time for that big date you’ve been looking forward to with your new crush. You’re super excited about spending some quality time getting to know each other better, but you’re also a bit anxious. Wanna make sure you’re properly prepared? Here are a few tips to help you get ready for your upcoming date…

1. Confirm the Date

Nothing would be worse than getting ready for your date on the wrong day or your date canceling at the very last minute. Call, text, or email your date to make sure they are still on board for your night out on the town. Don’t just assume that it’s happening…confirm to make sure it’s a go to avoid confusion.

2. Do Your Homework

Check out your date’s facebook page, do a google search, or ask friends if there is anything you should be aware of before your date. Any of these things can give you potentially important information about your crush.

If you were set up by friends, ask your friends details about your date. If they have information that can help you…use that information!

Google searches can be hit or miss, but you never know what you may find. Google searches can be used to make sure your date actually works where he or she says they work for example.

Facebook can be used to see what your date is up to socially, but be careful! There’s a fine line between checking out someone’s facebook photos and straight up online stalking your love-interest.

3. Do Something That Gives You Confidence Before The Date

Need to get rid of the pre-date jitters? Do something for yourself to let go of any nervous energy. Go to the gym for a pre-date workout, get a relaxing massage to mellow out a bit, get a new outfit to look and feel your best. Especially if you’re a bit anxious, treating yourself to something special will serve as a quick confidence boost before a date.

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