5 Most Shocking Facts About Women

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Men always make these general assumptions about women and it's messing with their dating game.

I've been working as a dating coach for over half a decade now, and I've noticed that men tend to make the same general assumptions about women. It is usually these assumptions that prevent them from gaining the success they would like. 

So here are my top 5 shocking facts that will instantly make you more successful with women:

Shocking Fact #1: Women get rejected more often than men.
The reality is that men have the choice to choose if they wish to put themselves in the position to be rejected by a woman. So if a guy wants to avoid rejection then he simply doesn't bother approaching any women.

However, it's a completely different story for women. Women will subtly give off 'go ahead' signals to men who they find attractive and once these signals have been given off they simply have to wait for the guy to have the confidence to approach her. The shocking fact is that single women will feel rejected more often then men. 

Shocking Fact #2: They love it when you say no!
Men nowadays lack so much confidence with women that when they finally meet one that they like, they instantly do whatever they can to please her. They will buy her drinks to start a conversation and will pretty much do exactly what she wants. This doesn't always work. Women will complain if you say no but the shocking fact is that just like men, sometimes a little chasing is fun. Don't be afraid to say no to a woman if you aren't comfortable doing something for her. 

Shocking Fact #3: They wear wedding rings to put men off.
Never assume that a woman is married just because she is wearing a ring. In fact, my whole ethos on being an attractive guy is to offer value to other people. So converse with loads of people, have fun, do not target women because if you do, you'll miss the woman you wanted all along because she's wearing a ring to put off people like you!

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