5 Fun Facts about Online Dating

Times have changed haven’t they? Ten years ago online dating was something to be laughed at and now its common place to meet someone new. We thought we’d share some fun online dating facts with you.

1. According to a survey run by USA Mature Dating site Young at Hearts the most important qualities in a potential date are: A great smile; a good personality; A Sense of humour. Believe it or not but good looks came in 6th!

2. Over 50% of people admitted to dating two people at once with a further 30% saying they would book one date after another on the same night.

3. 30% of people who joined an online dating site did so because the person they were in a relationship with had been unfaithful.

4. The average dater goes on 100 dates before they settle down!

5. The biggest grey area of online dating comes to the ‘age gap’ argument. Most people agree that an age gap difference of somewhere between 5 – 10 years is OK however more than ten years gets frowned upon.

What are your favourite online dating theories? We’d love to hear your comments below.