4 Smart Single Parent Dating Tips

Single Parent
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Get yourself back into the dating game.

It is quite understandable for single parents to be nervous about re-entering the dating scene but confidence is the key. We've gathered 4 common questions single parents have, and answered them with our 4 best Single Parent Dating tips in a bid to raise your confidence level.

1. I have a kid. Where do I go to meet people?

By now you have probably mastered the playdate, but now it's time to focus on yourself a little and master the adult playdate. Yes, you have a child and that does limit your options for night time activities (unless you have a very understanding babysitter on standby) so a little out of the box thinking is required. Don't head to kid-centered places like soft play or a zoo. It's hard to concentrate when everyone's under four feet tall. Try kid-friendly places instead and start talking to people you meet.

2. Is online dating a good idea?

Online Dating is easily accessible to you meaning that it's easily accessible to other single parents also. Join a niche site that focuses on dating for single parents. A UK site, Single Parent Dating UK (check out the cute picture of their single dad!) promises to keep it exclusive for Moms and Dads…you probably can't get more exclusive than that.

3. Reveal your kids?

I imagine that you are teaching your kids not to lie so our best bit of advice here is practice what you preach. Don't feel the need to lie about them, no matter if it's on an online dating site or a coffee shop. Tick yes to the box that says I'm a parent and proud.

4. How do I find time to date?

As with all things you have to put the time in to make it happen and dating is no different. Start thinking about when you can get a little time to yourself and if you feel that's not possible find a way to make it happen. Romance requires time.

Remember this final thought. Everything you've done as a single parent makes dating considerably less intimidating.