4 Sexy Ways To Exude Charm And Confidence On A First Date

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first date

Tell those first date butterflies to GTFO.

Let’s admit it. For as exciting and fun as first dates are, when it comes down to it, it’s hard not to feel nervous and a bit self-conscience before one.

With so many unknowns lying ahead (what will we talk about? will he/she be into me? will I be into him/her?), your levels of self-confidence can easily take a nose dive if you’re not careful.

This is a problem because, without a doubt, the single most attractive thing in a potential partner is some well-placed confidence.

Lucky for you, dear readers, I’ve been on more than my fair share of first dates (the good and the bad) and am happy to share my top four ways to feel sexy and confident before heading out on your next first date. And, yes, these tips apply to both men and women.

So, listen up…and feel free to share your own tips, too.

1. Wear Something You Feel Good In

Far too frequently, people feel the need to squeeze themselves into something new and overtly sexy for a first date. Women are the worst offenders, buying new “first date” heels and dresses that stick out their tits and accentuate their ass. And, while it's good to feel sexy… you may not feel like YOU.

Now is NOT the best time to test out how well you walk in 5-inch stilettos (though strut your stuff if you can!) or try on a new “avatar” via drastic wardrobe adjustments. It's important that you still look and feel like your authentic self in your first date outfit.

Also, unless you are 100% certain about what you are doing and where, it is best to dress versatile. I can personally attest to this rule after dressing in brand new skinny jeans and sky-high heeled boots for a first date that ended up being at his family farm to milk cows. I was immensely uncomfortable, and I’m sure my being so overdressed put him off, too.

2. Be Sure To Wear Something SEXY Underneath

I always find that I instantly feel foxier when wearing some new lingerie or other sexy piece of clothing.

For some, red “power panties” do the trick. For others, it’s their favorite “push them up to there” cleavage-enhancing bra. Or, maybe you have a lucky pair of boxers that always put a little pep in your step.

Whatever your flavor of choice, don’t be afraid to spice it up under your clothing. Because, while your exterior clothing is more versatile and familiar, your undergarments should scream “I’m sexy…and I know it.”

Plus, should things take a frisky turn, you always know you’re prepared.

3. Do Something That Makes You Relax ...

Call that friend/family member/co-worker who knows you well and always puts you at ease. Meditate. Go for a run. Take a long shower/bath. Have a beer (but don’t have more than one!). Do whatever it takes to put yourself in a positive, focused, and open frame of mind.

Because, besides being confident, being present is always incredibly attractive in a potential partner.

4. ... Even If That Means Masturbating!

Few things take the edge off, ease up on the sexual tension, and relax a person more than a little self-loving. Why go in to a first date feeling sexually desperate and horny? Give yourself a little rub-a-dub-dub and head out feeling sexy and sexed up.

Plus, there is something about that post-orgasmic glow that is undeniably magnetic. Let those pheromones flow!

This article was originally published at Singles Warehouse. Reprinted with permission from the author.