3 Ways To Boost Your Sex Drive

3 Ways To Boost Your Sex Drive [EXPERT]
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Sex with your partner will never be boring again after these tips.

If the core connection is there and your drive is down, I suggest examining it from a few different angles:

1. Remind yourself that it's normal for your sex drive to start and stop. Just like the feeling of love and the arc of life itself, it's unrealistic to expect anything to remain at a constant level.

2. Turn inside to see if you're feeling connected to yourself. When you feel alive and connected to yourself you will bring this to your partner.

3. Ask yourself if you're feeling connected to your partner. Great sex arises from a great emotional connection, so if your libido dropped you may want to try to reconnect emotionally first and see if the sparks naturally alight from there.

If you're struggling with engagement anxiety and feeling scared about taking the next step in terms of your level of commitment, the first thing to shut down is your sex drive. The more you understand the connection between sex and emotions the less you'll think that there's something wrong with you or your relationship when your libido dips.

You'll also be more likely to explore your inner world and the ways in which you're scared to move toward intimacy. 5 Marriage Secrets From Happily Married (A Long Time!) Couples

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