Why Married Men And Women Cheat: Top 3 Reasons For Each

Why Married Men And Women Cheat: Top 3 Reasons For Each

2. Men may no longer be physically attracted to the women they have married. This is often given as the excuse if the wife has put on weight, stopped dressing up or simply aged. This is really a double standard but remember men respond to visual images more than women, so looks do count.

3. Reality of relationships including the humdrum of typical life, the pressure of bills and finances and the need to always have something to do for the family can also create a desire for the guy to be "wild and crazy again".  A quick fling is often seen as a diversion from their real life.

Regardless of why people cheat it is devastating to many relationships. Communicating, staying interested in each other's happiness and pleasure as well as finding time to just have fun together are simple ways to help prevent cheating from becoming an issue in your relationship.

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