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Seductive Clothing: A Symptom Of Sex Addiction?

2. Constantly wearing clothing that draws attention. Clothing that draws attention and is revealing and focuses attention on the body at all times is another sign of being focused on attracting partners. Again, for a night out at the club this is not a concern but it if is the most common style of dress there is something going on.

3. Pairing flirting behavior with clothing choices at inappropriate places and times. Anyone can show up dressed a little too sexy for an event but if they use their behavior to draw more attention to their sexy clothing they definitely didn't do it by accident. Combining sexy clothing with flirtatious behavior in the office, workplace or at other events and times that are obviously not social events is more than just trying to be a little sexy.

4. Not caring what other's think. People with sex addictions are unwilling to see other people's displeasure, disinterest or distain as being a result of their behavior. A sex addict could care less if friends or family tell them their clothing and behavior is inappropriate as long as it gets them the attention they crave.

A sex addict is going to use whatever means they see as effective to make them the center of attention. Recognizing this as an issue of the addiction can help in seeking help from an addiction recovery therapist before life completely falls apart.

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