5 Beliefs Of Women That Kill Relationships


Do you have these beliefs about your relationship?

4. People that are in love don't look at other people in "that" way.
Oh yes they do, and oh yes you do too. People are naturally drawn to looking at others that they find attractive. Men are typically much less secretive about this behavior when their partner is present than women. Instead of jumping all over the guy for looking, talk about it calmly when you are both in an open and positive state of mind. Know that looking is just that and don't make a huge issue out of a natural behavior.

5. If he really loved me he would know what the problem is.
Women are always hurt because guys don't understand what the problem is through some type of psychic powers or divine inspiration. If you assume that guys aren't able to figure out your emotions and actually explain them to them you will be much farther ahead in strengthening your relationship. However, be prepared for him to try to fix the problem, which may not be what you want at all.

Being open and maintaining effective communication about your thoughts in the relationship is essential to avoid these perception pitfalls.

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