5 Beliefs Of Women That Kill Relationships


Do you have these beliefs about your relationship?

For some reason women tend to have a fairy tale view of a relationship despite what is happening in the real world. While is nothing wrong with looking for the perfect partner and anticipating the perfect life once you are together, it can also set a relationship up for failure.

Understanding how the perceptions that you have of the relationship may actually be the cause of its demise is important. The following are key beliefs that many women have that will, without being corrected; eventually lead to problems if not a complete relationship breakdown.

1. He will love me no matter what I do.
Really, would you love him if he stopped doing what he currently is doing or the role he was playing at the beginning of the romance? Would you accept him spending money outside of the budget or putting his friends or family first? Would you appreciate if he quit his job to go back to school without talking to you first? The reality is that couples do have a commitment to each other that is part of the entire package. Making decisions without consulting the partner is likely to be a huge issue.

2. He will love me no matter how I appear physically.
Guys are much more visual than women and this is a huge part of their interest and sexual attraction to their partner. While men and women do have changes in their body as they age, staying in shape, dressing up every now and then and making that extra effort to look great for him is always the best choice.

3. We will always be this in love.
Your relationship changes over time. The rush of brain chemicals that causes us to be attracted to someone is not always going to produce that "butterflies in the stomach, crazy in love" sensation that is part of the initial phase of the relationship. Understanding that this will give way to deeper love and commitment is part of looking realistically at the relationship.

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