How To Avoid Gossip & Feel Great

How To Avoid Gossip & Feel Great
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Ever find yourself lured into the trap of gossiping? Learn how to create more positivity!

Ever find yourself lured into the trap of gossiping about other women? Or have you ever compared yourself to another woman?

Whether it's gossiping, backstabbing, competing, or comparing, women are too often unkind to one another.

I read a statistic from a couple of years ago that the normal woman spends five hours a day gossiping. Five hours. That's 300 minutes, or approximately one-third of the average woman's waking hours.

In this video I join with other YourTango Experts Charles Orlando, Sheila Paxton, and Barbara Schiffman as Melanie Gorman (Senior VP of Experts) asks us why women are so mean to one another and what we can do to empower each other instead.

Learn the true intention behind gossip and find out how to shift your behavior to create more positive, constructive relationships.

If you find you are struggling with this, I want to support you. Use this link to schedule a complimentary 30 minute strategy session. You don't have to compare yourself to other women. You are a unique gem! You deserve to feel confident in life and in love!

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