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Ever wonder...  where that playful, sparkling, sexy woman went? Or when your life got so routine? Do you feel like you've lost your Self? And wonder what happened to the PASSION?

Or perhaps your love life has disintegrated into resentment and loneliness leaving you thinking, "Is this it?" Relax, you are not alone. In fact, you are one of the millions of women who ask themselves these questions everyday!

But it is time to get honest...ask yourself if your relationship suffers from any of these telltale signs of romantic rut?

* Saturday night means staying in and watching a movie, for the third time, and ordering Chinese take-out...

* You once waited for his calls with breathless anticipation...you now let them go to voice mail...

* Your sex life is passionless or nonexistent- you might as well be room mates

* You used to joyfully shave your legs every day...now it's just another chore...

*The last meaningful conversation you had was about the kids or work...

* You wonder why he doesn't bring you flowers anymore or surprise you with little gifts of love...

* You keep waiting for your man to turn into Don Juan - only to experience chronic disappointment.

If you recognize one or more of these common warning signs, your love life has probably become a snooze fest. The good news is that you don't have to settle for a lack luster love life... you can easily turn it around in just 30 days. It's time to rock your relationship with a new, fabulous, fun and seductive attitude.

And when you do you will:

* Have your man begging for more...

* Feel alive and vibrant and free

* Get your sensual, sensational Self back

* Have the juicy love life of your dream

* Have the passionate soul-to-soul connection you deserve

If you want to get the "Sparkle" back in your relationship and glide thru life as the charmed enchantress you were born to be, come PLAY wtith me and your sparkling sisters... 5-Weeks to Discover How to Own Your Playful, Sexy Self! Is a TeleCourse offered a few choice times a year. For your convenience all you need is a telephone - you don't have to go anywhere. All calls are recorded for your listening pleasure. Give a click to find out more.

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This article was originally published at Sherri Nickols Unleash Your Inner Sparkle. Reprinted with permission from the author.