6 Ways To Wish Yourself A Happy Mother's Day

6 Ways To Wish Yourself A Happy Mother's Day [EXPERT]
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Give yourself some TLC with these six, solid tips.

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With Mother's Day approaching, we are reminded to honor our own mothers and all the women in our lives who are mothers. But, what about you? Whether you are a mother or not, do you honor, nurture and nourish yourself? In other words, are you a good mom to you?

Let's face it, we all offer ourselves and nurture others at one time or another. Some of us do it continually, taking care of other people in our lives, being present for them and serving them on a daily basis. Many of us set aside our own needs and desires in order to help someone else. Sometimes it's absolutely necessary to care for someone, especially a sick friend or aging parent. At other times, we may be called upon to support a colleague who is going through emotional upheaval. 5 Steps To Rekindle Your Romance

Although there is nothing wrong with giving our time, energy, love and attention to others — and there are times when it is absolutely essential that we do so — the danger is that we can care for others to the point of being off-balance in our own lives, losing our sparkle and self in the process.

How does it look when we become off-balanced, when we aren't tending to our own needs? How does it feel when we haven't focused on self-renewal or taken steps to revitalize and replenish ourselves? Well, imagine that you are a big, beautiful crystal pitcher filled with lemonade. Surrounding you is a circle of glasses that want to be filled up. These glasses represent the people in your life — your mate, your kids, your boss, siblings, parents, friends, colleagues, etc. As you focus on filling up everyone's glasses — filling and refilling them because everyone continues to want more — what happens? 10 Hidden Ways An Ex Stays Embedded In Our Lives

Eventually, the pitcher gets emptied. There's no more lemonade to pour into the glasses. The pitcher is depleted. Everyone around you still wants more of your wonderful, yummy lemonade, but if the pitcher is not being refilled and replenished, eventually there is nothing more for you to give. That's what happens when you do not take the time for self-renewal.

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