3 Traps to Avoid for Relationship Success (EXPERT)


If you feel stuck and wonder why your relationship isn't flowing you might be falling in these traps

Are you frustrated or confused about your "feminine power" and how it relates to your relationship? If you think you are doing everything “right” but you’re feeling less than happy you are not alone. Many women feel stuck and wonder why their relationships aren’t flowing -  totally unaware of what they are doing to co-create their experience.  Reflect on this relationship advice to see if you've fallen prey to any of these 3 traps.

Loss of Balance
With very few powerful feminine role models for you to emulate, the association to "power" has been misinterpreted as masculine. Face it. If you’re like most women you wear a dozen different hats and are going a mile a minute the seconed your feet hit the ground in the morning till you drop, exhausted, into bed at night.

The art and pleasure of being a woman got lost and buried with the adoption of this go, go, go masculine mode. In addition, with the drive to succeed front and center, playfulness flew out the window along with fun romantic adventure. Learn how to flip to feminine and you'll feel much more balanced, peaceful and vibrant.

Loss of Pleasure
Relationship expert David Schnarch, a clinical psychologist at the Marriage and Family Health Center in Evergreen, Colorado did a segment on NBC's Today Show revealing that 63 percent of all relationships are suffering from sex problems. The big culprit being the confusion women have around control issues. His remedy? Women need to rediscover themselves and take control of their desires. Couples need to build intimacy and work on personal growth.

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