Is It Bad To Do Anal With Your Lover?


Answering the age old question about whether to do or not to do anal.

I don't normally write about this type of thing, but I am on this dirty delicious Sex And The City marathon right now, and it is inspiring dirty and delicious topics of discussion. In season one Charlotte's boyfriend tells her he wants to do anal sex, awww yeah.

The discussion and comedy that ensues as a result of this proposition is amazing. It's my all time favorite scene in the show's entire run. They all jump in the back of a cab and give their perspectives on the matter.

Miranda the cynical Lawyer says it's all about the shift in power and how it effects their respect. Charlotte the hopeless romantic says girls who want to get married don't do anal. Carrie insists that since they are talking anal she should be able to chain smoke in the non smoking taxi cab. While Samantha says "a hole is a hole" and that everyone could use a little "back door."

So what's the truth about how Anal sex effects your relationship? Let dive into this dirty delicious topic. The number one rule is to ask yourself, "Do I feel close enough and comfortable enough with this person to do this?"

If you choose to do anal sex what that really means is an increase in physical intimacy and trust. The question is not "to anal or not to anal," rather it's about whether the level of your relationship's emotional intimacy matches that level of physical intimacy.

If this ratio is in balance, then anal won't effect the power, respect or marriability in your relationship. However if it's off and you decide to act physically in a manner that implies more intimacy than you emotionally have, it can be damaging to the relationship.

So there you have it, the emotional intimacy level must match the physical intimacy level. That's the bottomline. If you want to hear more about naughty and rebellious things check me out at That's where I raise hell and help people have the life and relationships of their dreams.

Happy lubricating.