10 Ways To Avoid Being Needy

10 Ways To Avoid Being Needy

Nobody likes a needy Nancy. Here are 10 ways to avoid being needy whether you're dating or taken.

It is much easier to become a needy human being when you are lacking in a sense of self worth or life purpose. This is a HUGE reason that women can be perceived as needy, because they find their worth in their relationship or dating success instead of their own success.

A lot of people live a life, but not a lot of people live a life of purpose. There is an infinite amount of people walking the planet who merely exist here and never take the time to do the self reflection necessary to live a life of purpose, and those people are much more likely to fixate on another human being for their sense of value.

It’s kind of a rebellious thing to examine your life and make choices based on your truth, and more women need to do this in order to have success in matters of the heart as well as their career.

Below is a list of 10 steps to help you on your rebellious journey to living a life of purpose so that you can avoid being a needy Nancy.

1.   Listen to your intuition

This is a big one and is the beginning of any and all roads to happiness. People who listen to their intuition do not second guess themselves and do not have a ton of inner conflict about every decision they make. They are able to get a “vibe” off of what they truly want, and go after it. This simplifies life completely, and serves for a clear sense of direction of where to go. So slow down, and take a listen. Your body and your spirit know best.

2.  Trust yourself to follow that inner voice

Once you are able to listen to that inner voice, what do you do? You follow it! This is where it gets real, real fast. This is where we go from listening to acting. This is where the real beautiful rebellion happens. It is necessary to not only hear your inner voice but to follow it. It sends a message to your unconscious mind that it matters. This is pivotal to being connected to yourself and living an extraordinary life.

3.   Be in tune with your emotions

As you follow this path, keep a good read on where you are emotionally. Are you happier? Or stressed? These signals will let you know what learning lessons are necessary on your way. It takes courage to be a rebel and go your own road. So be fully “in it” don’t just plow through. Slow down and smell the rebellious roses ;)

4.   Believe that we live in a friendly universe

This is HUGE. We see and experience in the world what we think inside of our mind. If we believe the world is a hostile place, we will see that everywhere. If we believe that we live in a friendly Universe then we will see that everywhere. When you decide to take the road less travelled you are already swimming upstream. Do yourself a favor and make it easier by projecting positive thoughts out into your world so that you will feel supported on your path.

5.    Be in gratitude

This also ties into what we think and feel we will experience. If we are super bummed out that we do not have what we want, that this road is tough, that this sucks, and that life is hard. Guess what we will experience? Exactly. We will experience a life that is hard. But if we are super grateful for everything we already have while traveling down this path, then we will experience more unexpected joys along the way as a result of this gratitude.

6.   Let go of old people and old patterns

Sometimes when you change the way you are living your life it freaks your homies out. Literally. They are like, “What’s that creepy class you’re taking? Wow you must be really desperate.” And all kinds of sweet supportive stuff like this. The key is to care more about what you want for YOU, rather than what they think of you. The key is to be more in tune with what makes YOU tick, rather than looking cool. This can be a tough one for a lot of people as we all want to be loved and accepted for who we are and what we do. So stay the course, and if it gets so tough that you feel dragged down by someone then let go of them. Easier said than done, but the amount of drain that person will put on your progress and momentum is too large to compromise.

7.   Shine your light bright

We are taught to be humble. This is cool because it makes us non-douche bags which is great. What is NOT great is that it makes us feel like it is “cheesy” or lame to be proud of ourselves. Here’s the thing, you need to be proud of yourself first before anyone else’s pride in you really matters. So if you give yourself permission to shine, then you really can make an impact on the world. How would the world be different if Martin Luther King Jr. decided he didn’t want to bring all that attention on himself by heading a movement? We would not be nearly as beautiful of a place to live now would we? Just think about this the next time you decide to play small.

8.    Give to others

Givers Gain. This is one thing I learned early on in my rebellious journey of self exploration, and it has made a world of difference for me. Before I had my Awakening I was really bitter about how much my friends and relationships had disappointed me. I felt like if no one is as generous as me and as giving as me then I am going to stop in order to protect myself from pain. This was very logical, and a very normal human thought. What I didn’t know was that it was hurting me, because I was about to change who I was in order to avoid pain. Rebels welcome pain, rebels smile in the face of pain. Rebels do not cower from a scratch or a bruise, we tower over this minute pain and we shine our lights bright. Give, and keep giving. It is the only way to live a happy life.

9.    Know that you matter & you effect others by being who you are

This is a huge one for a lot of people. Sometimes it’s easy to feel small in a world that is so big. It’s easy to feel powerless in a world that looks so vast. The truth about it is that we are all connected. What I do effects you and what YOU do effects me. Whether or not we think it does, it does. We are all energetically and unconsciously connected. So if you ever had a thought that you didn’t matter or that it wouldn’t make a difference if you showed up, banish that thought moving forward. It is not true. The truth is you matter, and who you are is important.

10.     Be clear on your values to guide your path

This is a huge step in any sort of happy and rebellious life. This is why it is in the rebel rule book that I offer on www.awakentherebel.com. For anyone to be truly happy they must know what makes them tick. What they want. Do they want success in a career? Or do they want to be a great parent to a child? Do they want to live in a place with a lot of people so they feel alive and connected? Or do they want solitude and silence so they can author their first book? These are things that many people don’t think about, but they must if they are ever to have clarity on the type of life they are to create in order to live a life of purpose.

I hope this has helped you to feel guided on your rebellious journey to love & happiness.

Yours in Freedom,


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