Is Your Partner Stalling Your Career?


If your partner is jealous, it could spell disaster for your career!

It’s very difficult to climb a flight of stairs, let alone the steep career ladder with a jealous partner clinging to your skirt, while, dragging you down.

I had always felt lucky to have a supportive husband by my side as I continue to build my career, but my gratitude catapulted a few weeks ago when I witnessed, what was nothing short of a minor travesty of common sense and sanity.

I was at a networking party having a conversation with a talented woman. She was passing out business cards to anyone with a free hand. Within 20 seconds of chatting, my mind was churning, “Jesus, Joseph, and Mary, she must be rich! She has a killer business concept.”

I listened on as she shared, “I’m looking to grow. I only have a few clients right now, but I’m going to keep plugging away.”

Again, my internal chatter continued. I thought, “Well maybe she just hasn’t hit her stride or met the right people.” So I invited her to an event, the following Saturday evening with an audience of contacts I thought would be interested in her service. In what seemed like a reflex response, she interrupted- “Ummm my partner is the jealous type… I’ll do my best to get out of the house for the event, but no promises.”

I wasn’t suggesting a business event followed by cocktails and an orgy. It was a real opportunity to showcase her service and talent to a number of respected business people in the community. It became crystal clear why her business had not grown. No matter how hearty the seeds planted, it’s difficult for a flower to blossom if the light of day doesn’t consistently reach it.

In small does jealousy can be flattering, maybe even sexy, but not if it stands in the way of your livelihood and potential to be the best you can be.

If you aspire to experience more of everything in your life, especially career success, the man or woman standing by your side is a huge part of how that equation will unfold. On the occasional night when you find yourself glued to your laptop, wrapping up an important project or extra hours are required to generate ‘extra’ revenue….It’s wonderfully refreshing to have that special someone in your life offer you a kiss and a foot massage, instead of a pad lock and a lecture.

If your partner is not helping you succeed, they are helping you fail. It’s impossible to do both at the same time.


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