Unwrap Yourself This Holiday Season

Self, Family

Take time to celebrate and care for the greatest gift of all this season- YOU!

With the millions of dollars, we’ll spend on presents for others this year, how many will stop to unwrap one of the greatest gifts you have to share with the world- yourself. Yes, you! She’ll outgrow the sweater from Macy’s and the iPod will eventually get played out, but you’re the gift that keeps giving! 12 Ways to Love Yourself First

You are the spark that fuels your life and the lives of many others. That’s the best reason to slow down this holiday season and spend some time unwrapping yourself. What am I excited about in my life? What goals am I pursuing? How am I caring for myself each day? What relationships will remain in my life? Which relationships have served a purpose and need to go? What’s important to me? Remembering to check in with yourself is like stopping to water your prize rose garden each day or taking your dog to the park for a run. Whatever you take time to care for is just going to perform better over the long haul.

Last week, I noticed a bumper sticker and it read, “Moving at the speed of light can be blinding!” Between the shopping and the eggnog, the only time for reflection that most of us get, is a quick glance in our rear view mirror to make sure nothing is stuck in our teeth or our lipstick is flawless before the next party or pit stop. The pace can be numbing and before we know it, we’re back to the daily grind wondering, “What am I in this rat race for?”

By sitting still and touching base with yourself for as little as 60 seconds, you’ll create a space for the answer to come, “I am here because I have a purpose and to fulfill it successfully I must care for myself. ” When the frustration creeps in, if you listen closely you’ll hear a still small voice reminding you, “It wasn’t an easy year, but darn it, I’ve still got skin in the game! I’m waking up every morning and I’m taking care of my business.” If you can step out of the thick forest just long enough to notice the trees that surround you, you’ll hear a whisper that reminds you of your true value, “Beyond the car I drive, the clothes I wear, the house I live in, and the people that surround me, I am a treasure simply because of the value found within. No one has the power to devalue me without my permission. Hell Yeah! 4 Tips To Feel Better About Your Body THIS SECOND

Honor the value you bring to the world by taking the time to connect with yourself daily. Celebrate the small victories of your life which lead to big success. The benefits are worth their weight in gold.