Payback is a B*^!@#h! 5 Minutes to the Ultimate Revenge


When we've been hurt and wounded only one kind of revenge matters

As thoughts of deflating his tires whirled around in her head, something stopped her cold.

“If I do this then he’ll know he got the best of me,” she thought.

If you allow someone…anyone… to get the best of you- then what are you left with?

I’ve been there, you’ve been there, all of us have been there at one time or another. It’s the seemingly painful, powerless place, where we arrive after we’ve been so hurt, jaded, and wounded, that one option remains- revenge!

He cheated…She cheated…I was humiliated…He walked away…I never heard back…All those lies…

In some cases the desire to see justice served is not enough. We’d feel much better if we had a front row seat to witness the painful blow of the boomerang first hand.

A former client shared that after he caught his girlfriend cheating with his best friend he poured an acidic compound on her car to dissolve the paint. He admitted that he felt better after he did it. Seems a very tiny victory when his criminal record and the hefty fine he had to pay are taken into consideration.

Those kinds of revenge victories are almost always short lived. We can’t dig a grave for another person without burying ourselves in the process. That’s just a natural law of life.
A recall a friend bragging about how he told his colleague off after a bitter disagreement,

“Yeah I made him feel stupid in front of everyone. He’ll know not to mess with me again.”

6 months later he needed that same colleague to approve a million dollar proposal for an upcoming project.

Revenge needs no help from us. It recycles quite naturally.
In five minutes you can achieve the only kind of revenge that will ever matter. By taking a deep breath and making a solemn vow to move forward, smile, reclaim joy, succeed, and be the very best you can be, you’ve exercised the wisdom of the ages: by allowing the UCOJ to take care of the situation! The UCOJ stand for the Universal Court of Justice. You’ll never need a lawyer or a court date , this court only works on your behalf, and has a 100% record of success.

When your aim Is to inflict pain on someone else it’s easy to lose perspective and start slinging mud. The problem is after the dust settles you’ll still be covered in dirt. Why pick it up in the first place?

I recall a painful moment when someone I was cared about attacked me verbally. It was a mean, vicious encounter. I was gearing up to say all manner of nasty things and I caught myself. It just wasn’t worth the effort.

My grandfather always said “let there be one fool not two”. I let her be the fool that day and sling the mud.

Just as the fragrance remains in the hand that extends the rose, the aroma of the cow chips will linger in their noses a long time ; well after you’re off into the sunset.

When people treat us poorly, especially in cruel ways it’s a reflection of who they are. We don’t need to take on the energy. It’s not our battle to fight. And when we do it simply diminishes us.

Learn to breath, walk away, and enjoy your life, as a new way to plot and exact the perfect revenge!