8 Signs You Need To Break Up With Your Ex

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Here are eight truly undeniable signs that you need to break up with your ex.

4. If your mood is negatively affected when you don’t hear from your ex on a regular basis.

5. You’ve saved old emails, voicemails, texts, and revisit them frequently, reminding yourself that he loved you.

6. You’re still cyberstalking your ex on Facebook and Twitter, convinced that staying socially connected to him is actually healthy.

7. You compare every guy you meet (single, married, doesn’t matter) to your ex and they never measure up. The tough love truth is, you could be casually casting your future husband aside because of the inaccurate pedestal you’ve propped your ex up on. (How many future husbands are you willing to miss out on in your quest to keep your ex in your life? We vote for NONE.) 5 Healthy Ways To Break Up With Your Ex

8. Finally, the BIGGEST sign you need to break up with your ex is, drum roll please, if you are more focused on his future than your own.

If you are obsessed with who he’s dating, what he’s doing, worrying about whether he’ll get married first, have a baby first, win the lottery first, then you need to perform an “ex-orcism” and kick your former flame to the curb immediately. No more calls, texts, emails, or contact of any kind. Cold turkey is a bitch, my friend. Believe it or not, it can also be your best friend who will one day lead you to your future husband. 10 Secrets Guaranteed To Help You Move The H*ll On From Your Ex

Don’t you agree that you deserve to move on to a better, brighter man? Don’t become trapped in your past relationship. Breaking up with him is not an easy task but we are confident that you have the ability to fulfill it! Just think: every time you resist the temptation to call, text or cyberstalk him, you will be one step closer to finding the man of your dreams!

Break Up With Your Ex Day is February 13. Learn more, here.

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