Are You Dating A Liar Like Lance Armstrong?

lance armstrong
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Six tips to help you identify a dishonest guy.

4. Does your date borrow money and not repay it? If you're diligent and attentive to your money, being with someone who is less financially conscious may be a fundamental mismatch of values spelling trouble for a long-term relationship.

Forgetting your wallet and having to borrow from your date, while understandable, should be embarrassing and returning the borrowed funds should be a priority. Having to ask your date for repayment is one red flag, having them dismiss, blow off or joke about your request pushes the warning to the next level. This could be a real indicator that you're dealing with someone who is dishonest at best and a sociopath at worse.

5. How does your date handle being under-charged in a restaurant? Everyone loves a bargain but not when it comes at someone else's expense. Restaurants typically dock the waitperson for shortages so the right thing to do with an incorrect bill is to point out the error and give your waitperson the chance to correct it. If your date quickly pays the bill and wants to beat a hasty escape, then again this is a red flag against their honesty value.

You can use this prompt to check other situations where your date is willing to take advantage at someone else's expense, such as tricking a restaurant hostess into seating you when you don't have a reservation.

6. What does your date say about a situation where he was less than forthright? If you are dating a habitual liar, it's harder to gauge the sincerity of the response but it's still worth asking your date to recall such a situation. Ask your date how they wish they'd handled the situation and what impact that incident had on their general perspective.

Not only should you listen carefully to his answer but observe their body language for tell-tale signs of lying. Also be aware of how your own body is responding to what you're hearing. Trust your gut on this one — that tension you're feeling in the back of your neck is your body telling you what you already know but haven't wanted to admit.

It's time to cut loose.

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