How To Dress To Attract Mr. Right


Putting your best foot forward and attracting the man of your dreams has never been so easy.

Most women know you have to dress to impress. When it comes to grabbing a man's attention, you have to look the part. Some women mistakenly assume that the best way to attract attention is by wearing plunging necklines, short skirts and long boots. Of course, don't forget lots of makeup and overdone hair. If you talk to these women about their love lives you'll, not surprisingly, find that they are not attracting the right attention. Often times they attract men who are only interested in brief, non-committed relationships. Why is this? Because this type of "sexy" attire is sending the wrong impression.

Because men are visual, there is no doubt that you should want to look desirable but classy. There are certain ways to dress to spark a man's interest and still have him hold you in high regard. To truly dress sexy is not about putting yourself on display but hinting at what you have. You can express your sensuality in subtle ways. Here are three ways to dress sensual yet classy.

1. Choose styles that flatter your figure and suit your body type. Instead of choosing styles that may look good on another person, pick pieces that look the best for your body shape. Not only is it flattering but you will feel and look more attractive.

2. Wear colors that suit you. Everyone has certain colors that they feel bring out their best assets. For a date you may want to try wearing red. It is a very sexy color and can leave a lasting impression with your date.

3. For date night options choose material that is smooth and nice to the touch. Satin and cashmere are great choices. They feel soft and comfortable and make you look enticing.

These are just a few suggestions that you can use to bring out your assets and remember if you are still one of those ladies looking for love, always look your best.

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