Rules For Emailing Your Ex-Spouse

Love, Heartbreak

Pretend like you and your ex-spouse are lifelong business partners, because you are.

3. Wait before you hit "send."  One of the main advantages of emailing over calling or texting is the ability to reflect before you communicate.  Reread every email before you press the "send" button.  Make sure what you’re sending is rational, non-emotional, to the point and free of any inflammatory comments or language.  If you find yourself heated over something, take some time to cool off before you draft or send an email.  Remember, each email you send contributes to the kind of post-divorce co-parenting relationship you will have for years to come.

Take advantage of the valuable opportunity that email provides in communicating with your ex.  When used appropriately, email is an incredibly valuable tool in overcoming challenging emotions and roadblocks to communication.  For more tips in sending or responding to emails to your divorcing spouse, feel free to contact me today.