Is Monogamy Natural?

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Cheating is rampant and on a rise! Is it possible to be faithful to a person over a period of time?

I was watching a video done by Shanel Cooper-Sykes about a controversial topic that suggest that we as humans were not created by God to be monogamous even though in the Bible we are commanded not to commit adultery. This is an old theory that has been expressed across many panels and groups of relationship advisors (mainly men) who believe that the natural sexual drive of a man makes resisting the temptation to sleep with or love more than one person, unnatural. To be fair to what I witnessed her say, it appeared that she did mention that women too can love more than one person and that there shouldn’t be a restriction placed on love and how many people a person can love [romantically].

I agree that too often we attempt to lock down the person we love and smother them with our confinement of rules in order to bring about a security that will never appease the insecurity of losing love. It appears that the tighter you hold on to something, the more likely you will lose it. The reason is because you suffocate the life and potential for growth out of the relationship. With that said, I do believe that being faithful to one person is just as natural as eating at a buffet restaurant and being too full to turn around and eat again even if the option to eat at a 5 star restaurant was there. When you are full, you are full and do not hunger for anything else. When a woman is all that her man will ever need and visa versa, he doesn’t need to go out side for anything else.

The difference between animals and humans is that although we both have desires, hungers and instincts, humans have the brain capacity and consciousness to not act on those desires or instincts especially if they threaten our potential for survival. The problem is that too often we settle for the man or woman who does not meet our needs physically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally and get up from the table after eating carbs and dessert but still hungry for more. We begin to lower our standards and settle after a certain age or time period of hearing mom or grandma or everyone we meet ask the single person’s dreaded question “When are you going to settle down and get married?” Single women dating hear that biological clock ticking away and now there is a race against time to find someone, anyone to be our other half. Keep Reading...

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