Free Vagina Has It's Consequences!


3 reason’s why bucking the old school rules when it comes to ‘Valuing Your Vagina ™’ has weaken men.


What happened to the days of men being more aggressive in their pursuit of the woman they were interested in? When you think about the way men have changed over the years, it has much to do with the change in women. Women have become far too willing to make the first move and give up their ‘hallelujah sunshine’ too easily, so why should men take the initiative and put forth effort in the pursuit when so many women are making it so easy for them? Let’s explore 3 reasons why bucking the old school rules when it comes to ‘Valuing Your Vagina ™’ has weaken men in their pursuit of earning a woman’s mind, body and heart.

1. No Need To Woo You!
Dating isn’t what it used to be because women aren’t what they used to be. Being a strong, independent woman who goes after what she wants is not a bad thing in the boardroom but in the bedroom of dating, it is a tragedy! Biologically men are designed to pursue a woman. A woman catches a man's attention with her sex appeal and catches him with her whip appeal- what is between your ears! As a man pursues you, it is his testosterone that drives his motivation for sex however as he starts to grow to know and love you, his testosterone decreases as well as his serotonin count. This means that he becomes more nurturing like a woman and can’t get you off of his mind! If you give up your ‘candy’ before this process has occured, you literally sabotage any potential for a love connection. Yes, we have all heard of the one woman out of a billion whose husband got it on the first date and still married her but she was an exception, not the rule! When you take away the chase and eliminate your discovery period of getting to know a man and his intentions for you, you end up making a man feel no need to woo you. You take away the challenge that men love and deprive yourself of the attention that you deserve.

2. Makes Men Lazy!
No matter how much men say otherwise, men are hard wired to want, need and enjoy the challenge of winning the heart of a women and earning all of the privileges that come with that, like: attention, affection and sex. However, as much as they like the chase, they’d be fools to not take free vagina. Now that men have gotten used to women giving away all of her ‘benefits’ with little effort on the man’s part, it’s effect is unfortunately spoiling it for the rest of the single ladies and making men passive and lazy!

3. No one values anything that is too easy.
Let’s think about this ladies. Many of us enjoy luxury cars, expensive shoes and purses of various name brands because why? It’s because A) They are of finer quality and B) Not everyone can afford them which means that we will not see our coveted outfits, shoes and purses on the body, feet and arms of someone else! When things are easily accessible in unlimited quantities; they tend to be taken for granted and lose value. This also applies to women and sex. This is not to say that all men are passive or want what’s easy, but it certainly has played a part in the downhill spiral of courtship.

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Shay “Your Date Diva” Williams is an available speaker and the author of “Value Your Vagina! ™ ” a dating guide for attracting the love you deserve and desire! (To be released June 1st)