Canceled Date and No Phone Call?!


Months waiting on the crush stands you up, do you take his calls.

Imagine after several months of waiting on the crush you have been eyeing at the gym for the last 6 months to ask you out, you finally have the conversation with him that leads to that long awaited date invite. You spend several hours looking for the right “date outfit,” getting your hair, nails and toes manicured and applying just the right amount of makeup to make you look like a movie star, only to receive a text from your date, an hour before the date that he cannot make it. He offers no explanation that includes that he is lying dead in the hospital or has been kidnapped by the Taliban. To add insult to injury, he doesn’t even call the next day. Instead he calls several days later and acts as if everything is all right in the world as he leaves you a light hearted message to call him back. You may not have suffered such extremes in your dating life however one of my clients did and here is the video response I gave her when she wanted to know if she should respond to his text and phone calls moving forward.