4 Reasons Why Sex With An Ex Is A Bad Idea

4 Reasons Why Sex With An Ex Is A Bad Idea [EXPERT]

Sex with the ex is comfortable ... but is it wise?

When two spiritual beings having a human experience come together sexually, they are forming a spiritual bond or tie, if you will. The maintenance of a sexual relationship only continues to tie that person to you spiritually. This happens for men and women, but more so in women because she is the receiver and a reservoir for holding the energy left within her. A soul tie to the other person can cause you to maintain the negative energy that existed between the two of you and then increase the chance of attracting the same drama back into your life, but with a different face. Advice: I'm Still In Love With My Ex-Boyfriend

4. It Prevents New Love From Coming Into Your Life: Two things cannot occupy the same space at the same time. If you have made the decision to break up and it was for good reasons, then keep moving forward and do not turn back! Some break ups last years all because a couple can't seem to let go and move on to bigger and better things. Make up your mind that there is better waiting for you and that having sex with the ex only causes you to undo all of the progress you are making to get over him. This can be more empty and dissatisfying than the temporary loneliness that follows a breakup.