3 Ways Singles Lose Themselves When Finding New Love


How to avoid common dating mistakes while developing a new relationship.

There is no feeling on earth quite as amazing as the feeling of being in love.  There is a surge of endorphins and dopamine pumping through your veins giving you the feeling of being on cloud nine.  There is a drop in serotonin which causes you to obsessively think about your beloved and the release of oxytocin and vasopressin causes you feel as if there is nothing you will not do to make the object of your affection happy.  You are literally drunk on love, however, no matter how intoxicating the experience of falling in love is, you must keep your wits about you and not commit the common 4 mistakes many new singles in love commit that can sabotage not only their relationship but their sense of self.

1.       Centering your entire world around your new love.  Many dating singles fall in love and forget that they had a life before they met prince charming.  They give up their friends, favorite activities, TV shows and interests that once made them happy. They don't realize that it  was their uniqueness that appealed to their beloved.  Ladies no matter how in love you are and desire to spend every waking moment with your new love interest, it is important that you maintain the things that made you happy before you met him.  Space and the maintenance of hobbies and interests keep a relationship healthy and interesting.  It is very dangerous to center your life around a person because now you have given all of your power away and if or when that person leaves, you now have no life to turn to fill up your time.

2.       Dumping your friends.   The dreaded “I have a man now diss”- We have all either witnessed it, done it or had it done to us.  There is nothing worse than to dump your friends when new love walks into your life because you no longer have the time or interest to call, visit or be a friend to the friend who was a friend to you.  Some women after they have secured new love will even use their friend as a dumping site for dumping all of their stories about their new love interest on their friend.  These women no longer call their friend to see how they are doing or to find out what is going on in their friend's life. Single professional women it is important to remember to be a friend to the people who love you and have always been a friend to you. These are the people who will be there when your new relationship is not so sunny or even when you need a break from time to time from the love of your life.

3.       Giving up your own voice. There was a time when you enjoyed your eggs scrambled or your pancake edges crunchy but now because your new love prefers their eggs sunny side up and pancakes soft this is the only way that you cook and eat your own breakfast. You enjoy going to the movies but he doesn't so you haven't been since meeting your new guy.  Just because you have found love doesn’t mean that you need to become a clone of the person you are dating.  Remember who you are and what you like and the fact that it was the differences that your partner saw and enjoyed in you that attracted them to you. Knowing where you stop and he begins helps the relationship stay fresh, healthy and naturally moving to the next stage of a stronger connection.